About Me

Hi, I'm Emily

I'm a Colorado girl at heart but love to travel and see the world.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have one spoiled fur baby named Henry! I love a good laugh, sloths, rainy days, puzzles, and making each moment in my life count for something.  By day, I am a behavior therapist for children with autism and related disabilities. I love what I do and have a passion for children! By night, I take pictures and I love that I get to combine all my passions into this talent of mine.  I love to capture love, joy, laughter, adventure, family, and all the things that make the human experience so unique. 

 I don't see myself as just a photographer, I'm a creator, a dreamer, an artist.  My favorite thing is creating lasting memories for people.  I love creating images that express who you are and I promise to make your personality shine in my photos!

One thing I LOVE about photography is that it doesn't have to be structured or posed.  Many people think a good photo needs to be planned but in my opinion, absolutely not! Have a kiddo that doesn't want to sit still or just wants to run around? Perfect! those are my favorite and I promise, I will capture their personality more this way than anything else.

So let's schedule a session together because I can't wait to meet you!